Urinary Tract Infections

What causes complications of UTI’s in the elderly.

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What you should know about what causes urinary tract infections in the elderly.

Urinary tract infections, are prevalent and may cause unusual symptoms such as confusion and or agitation, with or without pain when passing urine.

Other symptoms may be a constant feeling of having to go to the bathroom, or repeatedly getting on and off the toilet, producing small amounts of urine or none at all.

This activity can also cause them to not sleep at night. Urine color may be cloudy, and there may be a strong odor. Go ahead and gently press on their lower abdomen or bladder area and see if they frown or if there is pain there. Please call the doctor if there is clear discomfort. They will usually order a urine test and/or an antibiotic if needed.

UTI’s may be caused by improper cleaning of the genital area. The most important thing is to clean a woman from front to back. First, clean from the urethral meatus where urine comes out. This is a small opening above the vagina. Wipe from where the urine comes out (front) back towards the rectum where the bowel movement comes out. Never wipe or clean from the back to the front moving the bowel movement, or feces, up towards, or onto, the urinary meatus.

Urinary tract infection in the elderly with dementia can also be an even bigger issue and something that should not be overlooked as a personal caregiver.

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