Trying to avoid Covid-19?

Your love one is declining and your goal is to keep them out of the hospital, assisted living facilities, and or skilled nursing homes; where Covid-19 can be present and family members are not allowed to visit.

Read my book and I can help you accomplish this.

If your loved one is already in a facility and you are not allowed to visit them, I can help. With your permission, I can perform an Individualized Plan Of Care for your loved one and communicate with the staff.

If you have hired caregivers at home or planning to, I can help train or interview them.

Let’s avoid repetitive hospitalizations and 911 calls, along with back and forth to the doctors without any improvements or resolutions.

If you have just started this journey or have been doing this for a while and have reached the end of your physical and mental strength, you now have help! My Caregiving Guide book is packed with great information with regard to getting answers with common problems and how to proceed with caring for a loved one at home.

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Value for Life

Expert Care of the Elderly

If you are looking for elderly care information and advice or to learn about many of the problems that you could encounter or are having when caring for the elderly you came to the right place. By watching my videos you can get free elder care advice on how to care for a declining loved one as well as other important elderly care information and advice.

Information Regarding Home Care


When your loved one begins taking narcotics for pain, that’s when they become susceptible to normal constipation and opioid-induced constipation.

Keeping Safe From Falls

One of the biggest challenges of caring for your loved one as they get weaker is handling their insistence on walking unassisted and preventing seniors from falling at home.

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections, also known as complications of uti in the elderly, are prevalent and may cause unusual symptoms such as confusion and or agitation, with or without pain when passing urine.


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