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I have worked with Martie for at least 3-4 years in her capacity as a nurse. Martie has taken care of many patients with me over the years. She has consistently demonstrated a genuine dedication to her patients and the nursing approach of caring for them.

She is proactive in thinking ahead to be prepared for symptoms that may arise and has always been outstanding in keeping me informed of my patients’ conditions. Martie offers the best elderly caregiver advice.

She is very responsive to any patient concerns and never takes the path of least resistance, including never shying away from difficult patients or families, whom she handles with great professionalism and skill. Her clinical assessments and suggestions are excellent, and I always know I can ‘hang my hat’ on what Martie tells me about our patients.

Her people skills are excellent, and her skills and dedication make her a great ‘team player’.

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Dr. James M

I would recommend Martie Garcia to any position in the healthcare field. She is a stellar nurse and a true patient advocate, which is a combination that is very desired and appreciated. My experience with

Martie is in her role as a nurse for my elderly residents.

I have worked with many different nurses, and I must say, Martie Garcia, is consistently at the top of her game. She never deviates from providing the excellence of care that I expect for my residents, and I’m pretty discerning. She is a top elderly caregiver in California and offers the best elderly caregiver advice.

As the Founder and President of the California Association of Senior Care Homes, which is an association of RCFE licensees (Board and Care Homes) in Orange County, CA, Martie is at the top of my list when asked for a great nurse. I don’t see that ever-changing as she is completely dedicated and serious about the task at hand.

If you need further information do not hesitate to contact me.

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Elayne Carver


“Martie Garcia is the nurse that calls on my dad at the Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (Board and Care) where he stays. Starting on day one, Martie has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. She has been very attentive to my dad’s care while being exceptionally sensitive to his emotional challenges. In addition to her visits, she responds very quickly to each and every call from his caregivers concerning ongoing changes in his condition. And of course, after every visit, she calls me to bring me up to date. I believe that Martie has come to have a very good understanding of my dad’s particular needs as well as his wishes at this point in his life.

As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for my dad, me, and my family. It gives me great comfort knowing that Martie is watching over my dad and making sure he is properly cared for with respect and dignity. ”  I would recommend her as a top elderly caregiver in California.

“Absolute Pleasure To Deal With!”

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Ginger B

“A credit to the Nursing Profession”

“Martie Garcia R.N. was the nurse for my spouse, Patricia. Martie Garcia provided the professional help, kindness, and home care support needed for Patricia’s utmost comfort and care and the best elderly caregiver advice.

Being highly skilled in caregiving, Martie provided health recommendations, made doctor contacts, and taught me Patricia’s individualized Plan of Care of what to do to ensure Patricia’s comfort and integrity. By being an excellent problem solver, she gained the trust and respect of all family members.

Martie’s knowledge, truthfulness, expertise, and truly caring attitude are unsurpassed. She is a credit to the nursing profession.”


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Robert K.